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Now THAT’S innovative!

SAMSUNGSome of us still can remember films like Blade Runner or other
futuristic movies that show displays larger than houses or such
ones that are simply wall-mounted and flat. Okay, some newer
TV models are also extremely slim today. But…

…can you imagine a Truck’s loading area covered with screens that show you the traffic ahead?

No? Me neither? Until I stumbled upon this video from Samsung today.

The questions I wonder about:

How are the displays powered?
Such big-size displays consume quite a lot of power. Okay, a truck’s alternator can generate huge amounts of power though yet there’s a lot to consider when it’s about mobile power.

What about the integration of the display?
It seems quite a challenge to integrate these displays into the doors of the loading bay. and if there’s a crash, well… it gets expensive…

What’s the latency of the video signal?
Even milliseconds can decide between life and death…

All in all still a very cool idea to make the streets safe but it’s questionable if so many truck haulers are equipping their rigs with these (life-saving) displays.
But what we can say is that transparent trucks have arrived!

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