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April’s Fools!

AprilsFoolsToday it’s time again for April’s fools! Have you been caught
with fake messages or pranks played on you? If not (like me),
there’s some more subtle yet recognizable Aprils Fools news.
If possible, I’ll consolidate the best ones here for you.

One of the more subtle Aprils Fools is being presented by Google Maps. On certain locations, you can play PacMan! (yes, you’re right, Google Maps has made some locations into playfields for the yellow doteater.) How this looks like, you ask?

This is a common map:


As you can see, a blue PacMan G-Spot indicates, that this place (in this particular case, the Taj Mahal) can be turned into a PacMan field:

gmapsPacman1I don’t know how long Google let’s this interesting April’s Fools joke online but it is for sure another interesting way to discover places, because if you have an unsuitable spot in Maps, Google is proposing finding a suitable place (playfield) for you, so have fun playing PacMan on the world while it lasts!

Another April’s fools joke came from where a new Mac Portfolio was announced. What sounded plausible (iPhones and iPads already come in three colors!) was however too goog to be true, namely the desktop version of Apple’s computers in three colors like their smaller pendants.

Even the pics are great-looking:

iMacTriColor1And even applied on all three sizes:

iMacTriColor2But hey, you’ll never know if Tim Cook is actually googling for exactly such pranks/studies and maybe releasing these for real sometime… it worked for the new ultraflat MacBook that can be obtained in gold also (and looks really good, ya know)!.

So let’s fork the web for some other pranks/fake news.

Have a nice April’s Fools day!

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