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Apple goes Spring 2015

apple_spring_forward_event_20150309_iconIt’s not very often that Apple makes big announcements.However today
Apple might again dazzle the people with new gadgets and news about
iOS, OS X and their homemade Apps. Especially the focus on the Apple
Watch is enormous as it has been announced with the iPhone 6 already.

Time for Apple to show what they’re up to and trying to sell us.


Some facts about the Apple Watch in advance:

As already known, the display is protected by a sapphire glass. While the iPhone 6 (Plus) still comes with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3, the Apple Watch has less area that has to be covered. The supplier was able to manufacture Sapphire glass in that size. However you’ll get Sapphire glass only with the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition. The Apple Watch Sport comes with the less expensive Ion X glass

The Processor appears to be the S1 and be as powerful as the A5 Processor. This is kinda lot of power for a small gadget as it means, this little fracker can do as much as the iPhone 4s and iPad 2!

The display seems to go Retina and deliver the content with 480×480 pixels, meaning that the display is really sharp (most competitors still come with a 320×320 resolution or less). Due to the strong processor (and graphics unit) the watch will always give you a smooth UI experience. No jerky slide moves no jerky animations whatsoever. Seems promising!

Some health monitoring features may not be initially available as the engineering team has declared them to be less precise as expected. Especially heartbeat detection or stress level detection seems to be affected by this. With the lack of GPS, the Apple Watch may rely on the iPhone’s GPS tracking sensor to deliver accurate data about your runs. And besides this, it’s questionable if the collected data is accurate then.

The battery inside may only last 2.5h (when severly used), 5h with average usage and 19h (when using power saving). Especially when in power saving, the watch is acting as such device and not interacting with the phone then. All in all it means that you have to charge it as often as other smartwatches however the Apple Watch will be the first of its kind to be charged with induction which means one less connector that will break after some time (especially Samsung’s smartwatches had the very same problem!).

The Apple Watch will come in two sizes, namely 38 and 42mm diameter size (to make it appealing to men AND women!)

Speaking about how expensive this gadget will be: Starting at a MSRP of 399 US$, you’ll get the Apple Watch Sports, The Apple Watch will start at 699 US$ and for the Apple Watch Edition, the rumors spread between 1.000 and 20.000 US$ depending on what the clock is featured with. Especially the Apple Watch Edition as a hefty price tag whereas the Apple Watch Sports is raging at the upper region of current smartwatches. Exclusivity has it’s price, aesthetics (I like the Apple Watch with it’s stainless steel housing and sapphire glass more) is still pricey (700 US$ for a clock IS lots if you think about the average lifetime of 4 years).

The Apple Watch will need at least an iPhone 5 and iOS 8 to operate with the internet and other network-based services.  Without the iPhone, the Apple Watch isn’t as smart as one would expect.

With six flavours to pick from, a big audience my be found:

     Apple Watch Sports Silver Apple Watch Silver Apple Watch Edition Gold
Apple Watch Sports
399 € / 449 € (1)
Apple Watch
649 € / 699 € (1)
749 € / 799 € (3-5)
1.099 € / 1.149 € (2)
Apple Watch Edition
Gold 18ctPrices:
11.000 € / 13.000 € (1)
18.000 € / 16.000 € (3-5)
Apple Watch Sports Gray Apple Watch Gray Apple Watch Edition Rose Gold
Apple Watch Sports
399 € / 449 € (1)
Apple Watch
649 € / 699 € (1)
749 € / 799 € (3-5)
1.199 € / 1.249 € (2)
Apple Watch Edition
Rosé Gold 18ctPrices:
11.000 € / 13.000 € (6)
Numbers after Prices indicate wristband typePrices in US$ may be identical. Prices in CHF are not yet available!

The Apple Sports includes a silicone wrist, the Apple Watch includes a stainless steel wrist while the Apple Watch Edition comes with genuine leather. Though it’s up to you how you combine your Apple Watch as the wristbands are switchable amongst each other.

With six types of wristbands, you have plenty of choice:

1. A silicone rubber band (included with the Apple Watch Sports)
2. A metal band with the traditional Clasp lock (Accessory)
3. A flexible magnetic wristband (Accessory)
4. A magnetic leather wristband (Accessory)
5. A leather band with the traditional buckle (Accessory)
6. A leather band with a modern buckle (bundled)

    Apple Watch Silicone Wrist Apple Watch Steel Wrist Apple Watch Leather Magnetic Steel Wrist
1 2 3
Apple Watch Leather Magnetic Leather Wrist Apple Watch Leather Classic Wrist Apple Watch Leather Modern Wrist
4 5 6

Enough babbling about the most anticipated gadget from Apple. The other questions include: Will Apple show the new MacBook Air 12 with the new USB C connector?

Update: March 9th, 2015:

Yes, the MacBook as 12-inch variant is definitely comping. Equipped with a core i5 of the actual Intel series processor family, the little thingy is just a masterpiece again. While the logicboard is extremely small crammed, the battery makes almost 70% of the whole device. The graphics is Intel’s integrated graphics core inside the i5. And with a 2304×1440 resolution, this notebook offers a sharp display, like the MacBook Pro. And yes, the macBook has a USB-C connector (USB3.1). It’s besides the audio jack the only connector you’ll see! The keyboard has individually illuminated keys and thanks to a new technique it is more stable. The touchpad also supports Touch Force so the harder or softer you touch the pad, the different actions are being executed. All in all a very nice notebook, Apple is gonna giving us starting from April 25th, 2015

Will Apple also reveal information about the planned iPad Pro with a 12-inch display? The latter may become a never-to-be-released item since Apple won’t release a competitor to it’s MacBook Air 12.

Update: March 9th, 2015:

No, we haven’t seen any information about a bigger iPad to compete with Microsoft’s Surface 3 and the 4tg generation to show up next.

We will see more later this afternoon. In Europe, this event can be streamed from 6p.m. onwards.

For those who love the Keynote wallpaper:

Apple_20150309_lgBKG4KThis wallpaper is 4K (3840×2160) resolution. Scale it down to suit your screen resolution

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