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Shit’n’Dine – Weird restaurant themes

videoEver thought of a restaurant where you sit on a toilet bowl? Or even eat
out of one? In Los Angeles, a new eatery has opened with toilets as theme.
The result looks quite disturbing yet funny, however it may not hit
everyone’s taste. Interesting to see that such weird ideas still come true.

With meals, like “Golden Crap Rice” (fried rice meal),  Constipation (a noodle meal), finalized with a dessert called “Black Pile” (chocolate ice) or “Bloody Double” (vanilla ice with strawberry topping), the restaurant owner also themes the menu card with terms that deal with toilets and excrements.

People even say that it is funny to stow away their pouch in their “seat” which is actually a white porcellain toilet.

See the video news here:

P.S.: Hopefully, this is not a “crap” idea that will fail… cuz I find such ideas sort of funny!

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