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Nokia’s Live Event in Abu Dhabi

nokiaIs this the last bunch of devices branded “Nokia”? – The currently finished
Live event has brought up six new devices for us to expect in the near
future. Beginning the sales in the USA, the EMEA will see most of them in
early 2014. So let’s have a close look, what’s coming on to us!

Nokia-Lumia-1520-FrontLet’s begin with the most-anticipated device, the Lumia 1520. Since there were many leaks already predicting the approach of Nokia’s new 6″ phablet, offering a FullHD display, there’s not much new to see. But the fact that the camera is using a whopping 20MP sensor makes the 1520 interesting for better imaging. Despite all fears that the “Bandit” is a bigger version of the non-memory-expandable Lumia 920, these facts may give you hope: The Lumia 1520 has an expansion slot to feed in another 64GB micro SDXC card. Cool

Instagram for WP is also announced as well as “Storyteller”, an App that checks the surrounding upon your taken photo. Another step into Augmented Reality. Nokia’s HERE Maps service is serving the base for the city maps. Vine as video platform is also being enrolled on Windows Phone.

22nokia3An extremely bright screen should allow a better readability when exposed to bright surrounding light or even sunlight. A thing that has to be proven!

The other facts are already known. The 1520 is driven by a quadcore processor (Most likely Snapdragon 800) thus offering lots of power for fluid usage of the UI. With 2GByte RAM there’s plenty of it available for multitasking although, we don’t see an x64 CPU architecture here (such as the A7 processor of the iPhone 5S). WLAN can be 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth is 4.0 Low-Energy, and LTE. NFC as already introduced with the Lumia 920 is also on board. So this little fracker has it all. with a weight of 209 grams, this phablet is for sure no lightweight but also not that heavy so that you wouldn’t be able to easily carry it with you all day. Speaking of “all-day”, the battery sizes at 3400mAh which should suffice at least for one day off the socket at average usage. For the outdoor usage, Nokia relies on Gorilla Glass 2 for the capacitive screen which is the de facto standard for most smartphones out there. Only a handful of devices already use Gorilla Glass 3.

The price is as following: 799€ for the 1520 in EMEA which is approx. 1.4 times the US price (729 US$).

Not much cheaper as the recently-released iPhone 5S but the features still are rich and outwitting the iPhone 5S in many aspects though we do not have fingerprint scan here.

Will the Bandit steal off Apple’s success? We’ll see…


Nokia-Lumia-1320-FrontOkay, the 1520 has another competitor: The Lumia 1320 is being presented, offering same-Size-Screen, yet a weaker camera and “only” HD display resolution (1280×720) . The targeted audience of the 1320 are younger people with a less big budget. Also the processor is a 1.7GHz fast Snapdragon 400 which should still be sufficient to render the WP8 surface without any problems. 1 GByte of RAM assist the CPU. An internal 8GB storage can be upgraded with a microSDXC holding 64GB. The 3400mAh battery should spend it enough stamina to hold 1 day even at average usage.

The other downside is, that there’s not yet known on which WLAN bands it’ll be able to work on but upon the reduced price I suppose, it’ll be  802.11a/b/g/n only! Besides this, Nokia is also missing the NFC connectivity here. Well, you can’t claim for the Porsche and pay the price for a Ford Fiesta.

For Europe, the price tags are as following: 399 which is approx 1.3 times the price, U.S. customers will pay (399 US$). With this lower price tag, Nokia might steal the iPhone 5C the show.

What else is coming?


Nokia Asha 503Nokia is presenting three new ASHA phones which come with Asha OS (possibly a derivate from Series 60/40?). WhatsApp and other social media platforms will now also be reachable from Asha OS. The unibody design is colored with a crystal design making them look like a smartphone encased in ice. Sort of special and probably not everyone’s taste.

Starting at 69 US$ for the 500 and going up to 99 US$ for the Asha 503, the price will be hot for prepaid smartphones, a wide market for Nokia to seed their smartphones on since cheap Android phones currently dominate there! Included are Dual-SIM, a 5 MP camera and a 320×240 touchscreen. Enough for most applications to date and for quick messaging via prepaid plans! The price tags in the EMEA are ranging from 69 to 99 €, so EMEA customers are paying 1.3 times the US price.


nokia-lumia-2520-2The last big news is the Nokia Lumia 2520, a 10″ tablet orienting itself on the MS Surface RT (Surface 2) which has recently been announced to the public. Running on Windows RT 8.1, the screen is bright and also resoluting at 1920×1080 FHD. For some it may not be much as the Google Nexus 10 already offers 2560×1600 and the Samsung Ativ tablet already offers up to 3200×2000 pixels but not only the count of pixels decides over whom to success. A 6.1MP camera shall give you the opportunity to shoot average-to-good pictures on-the-go. Nokia’s goal: To bring the tablet out of home onto the street. A light weight may be the key to success. The availability of the tablet is also aimed for the late 2013 in the USA and early 2014 in the EMEA. The price tag is set to 499 US$, the EMEA is targeted with 499 €.

nokia-lumia-2520Upon all this, it is now to see how the Nokia shares will evaluate. At the moment (with the closing of the stock market yesterday) the price per share is 7.19 US$ – With this fireworks of new and alluring gadgets the shares should gain some value. Nokia is on the right path. But the laydown of the brand “Nokia” however might have some impact again as it is said that these gadgets mark the last ones carrying the brand “Nokia” while new devices will then be sold under the brand “Microsoft”…

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