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WD&HGST deploy 9.5mm 1.5TB HDD

HGST_Logo.svgSince the demand for more and more data space is ever so high, HGST
and Western Digital seem to have an answer for that issue also. As of
June 2013, customers will be able to fit 9.5mm high HDDs at 2.5″ form
factor into their low-profile notebook and still benefit from 1.5 TB!

HGST did however hot increase the bytes per square inch density but rather reduced the space demand of the IC board that actually spins the drive and is responsible for the drive intelligence. The gained space is now used for a third platter holding another 500GB of data. The result is a small, snuggly fitting HDD that delivers lots of space to Notebook users who cannot fit a 12 or 15mm drive into their notebook. I wonder when 7mm drives with 1TB will become available and spend netbooks the often needed space as SSDs still are outrageously expensive at such capacities (mostly around 1’000 US$ and more!)

Since WD has also brought out 5mm high 500GB HDDs, the next step for HDD’s can’t be so far. And once again Western Digital has proven, that HDDs aren’t at their EOL! There’s always another improvement possible.

I like that!

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