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The air is getting thin for Apple!

apple_logoOne may ask: Apple, quo vadis? Since Apple is harshly struggling with
the actual market’s demands and still barely holding the line (as the
stock share price of 436 US$ shows), Apple is now targeted by the IRS
for hiding billions of taxes from the U.S. government.

What has been a shot-leg for other companies in the past, can now become a boomerang for Apple as well. Apple is using accounts of companies outside the USA to transfer money to and thus avoiding tax payment. Since the USA has still very old-fashioned tax laws, Apple is using money transfers and market capitals to do greater investments. Recently Apple has borrowed 17 billion US$ for buy-back options and dividend payments to avoid the 35% tax payment if Apple would have brought back the money from the sole holdings and companies it is involved in by participating with money settlements.

The U.S. Senate is going to give Apple a scolding for that while Tim Cook is already holing against with an already-prepared speech where he is clearly statin g that the current US Tax Payment law is no longer on height with the digital millennium. He demands that the USA are going to review and adapt the tax payment system to make the U.S. tax payment system attractive again.

Harsh words in my opinion but on the other hand: If one is going to take too much off his loyal followers, the followers are once searching for better opportunities. A problem, Germany is also facing with it’s extremely unfair tax system, where the maximum pqayment level is at 53%. Workin one half for the country is not everybody’s dream…

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