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Bomb terror in Boston

It seems as if the USA aren’t allowed to come to rest. Today, two bombs
have interrupted the Marathon currently ongoing. The explosions had
so much power to cause about 150 injuries and three dead among which
there was also an eight-year old. An act of revenge?

According to several local newspapers and tv stations, it is said, that Al-Quaeda is responsible for the attack.

Later the day, Barack Obama has stated that whoever is responsible for this attack will be prosecuted with the full power of law.

The USA has now switched to Anti-Terror-Mode. While there’s no clue yet how and when the three bombsets have been placed, the shops just around the corner of the detonations will be closed until further notice. Workers will notice a stronger presence of military and police personnel.

So while the question is, who has done this perfid attack, the answer is aout why it had to be the Boston Marathon: As it is the oldest event with approx 500.000 live watchers and millions of TV watchers, the effect of a terrorism-attack would have great impact.


The map shows thre bomb sites of which the one at the finish line has been defused before detonation.

Again there’s the question: Why has it always to be innocent people?

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