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Swimming power plants

What sounds like SciFi or an element of SimCity, isn’t just some fiction.
A turkish power company has specialized in decentralized engery delivery
and has floating power plants in their repository. Big vessels, with a length
of 145 metres (over 500ft) and 46 metres width…

Spectacular to look ant and they have everything built on. Except of an own engine (the vessels have to be dragged to their position) they have everything on them to provide power to a medium-sized city. The power outage of 190 MW is quite remarkable. However the environmental aspect may not be THAT good as they’re oil-burning power plants and thus blast tons of coal-monoxide into the air. Since in Libya there were big backouts in the past, these vessels may be a first step to counterfight the blackouts until bigger power plants are built to provide enogh power to the masses.

Watch a small video about these mobile power plants here:

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