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Samsung S4 – Easy to disassemble

It seems as if Samsung wants to show Apple how to not design a good
smartphone. According to first attempts to disassemble the Galaxy S4 it
seems as if one who has a skilled hand in technics, can easily fix smaller
problems with the smartphone himself. The iPhone 5 is not easy to open!

But why does one anyways open his smartphone? Imagine this scenario: Your home button is broken for some reason (sticky liquid pored in, the contact plate is done, some other malfunction….) then an iPhone 5 is a real hassle to be disassembled just to exchange the home button. The Gamaxy S4 however is supposed to show it’s innards within short time.

On the other hand there’s always the loss of warranty if the device is opened by a non-*authorized person. And non-authorized is everybody except Samsung-certified people who know how to repair the smartphones properly.

But for those who do not want to give away their smartphone for several days/weeks just to have a small part fixed, the Galaxy S4 might open new opportunities for instant fix and repair.

So what’s the next thing, Samsung wants to spit on Apple for? A completely replaceable broken display with digitizer?

I guess, it’s not long until smartphones become a throw-away-article as smaller cell phones have already become. I speak of these little cell phones, shaped like a credit card and preloaded with, say 15 US$ for phone calls. Once the money is gone or the battery is finished, you throw away the “card phone”. Not very ecologic as I would say…

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