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Harden your WordPress installation!

As it wouldn’t have been enough with all the bad news about webservices,
here’s another one for the saturday. It seems as if there’s a bib botnet sear-
ching for security holes in WordPress installations and using them as
zombie servers. The first thing is the brute force attack on the admin pass.

As I have noticed some severe attempts to logon to my blog, I have now taken some steps to forbid Brute-force attacks on the login, the installation of the Plugin “Limit Login Attempts“.

Owners of WordPress blogs should install this plugin as soon as they notice irregularities on their blog.  Especially those blogs are endangered, which are hosted by their owners and not on the WordPress servers.

Initial changes include the exclusion of using admin as account, using a strong password (minimum 8 digits and small/caps letters and numbers and a special character.

As my blog has also been subject to be hacked so that I have installed a multi-level-hack-protection.

That’s why there were no article updates on the weekend so far. But they’re now uploaded and will be soon available to you for your convenience

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