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Microsoft Windows 8.1 – Back to the roots?

According to some sources, it seems as if Microsoft has recognized that the
tiles surface isn’t everybody’s taste.  That’s true and there are many people
who avoid upgrading to Windows 8 for the very same reason. Even I do not
update to Windows 8 as I don’t like the tiles and the “flat” windows style.

Since Windows 7 is still a very good and reliable OS, there’s not much that could move me updating to Windows 8.

And be honest, the flat windows design looks lie as if we have done a step backwards for 20 years when Windows 3.1 had a similar design. Of course the credo is “less is more” but with today’s hardware, the Aero design is no longer hogging the hardware. Microsoft would have better included an option for purists to turn everything on and off they prefer.

For those who hate Aero, give them an option to turn on the “Metro” style.

For those who like the tiles: Give them an option to directly boot onto the tiles home screen.

Call me old-fashioned, but I am still using Windows 7 and a plain stinking desktop with some gadgets that keep me informed. There’s absolutely no need for “Tiles”

The Start menu, once fully organized, is simply more efficient as the tiles. One who has worked with a well-organized Desktop and start menu probably would handle things faster as one who has installed Windows 8 and it’s Metro surface…

On mobile computers, such as tablets, ultrabooks with touchscreens and mobile phones, the idea of “Tiles” and a “Metro” style might kick in as these devices usually have less power than a standard computer. However opting out everything and then sell it as a “brand new” idea didn’t work well for Microsoft. Although Windows 8 sales are OK, Windows 7 has sold better when it has been released.

So Windows Blue, as Windows 8.1 is called, might bring back the classic desktop as it is preferred by many PC users who were using Windows 7 in the past.

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