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Samsung vs. LG

It seems as if Samsung has trouble with almost every bigger company that
seals with electronics. Now it’s LG who has sent inspectors to the offices of
Samsung to search for patent violations. LG states that it is a bit odd that
Samsung is releasing big-size OLEDs nearly at the same time as LG does.

Samsung’s company correspondant Nathin King however states that Samsung is not in the need of stealing patent technologies as they’re already in possess of the world’s best OLED technology. Interestingly to mention that Samsung itself has accused LG for patent theft a year ago which has been acknowledged by the court but denied from LG. LG hereby has filed lawsuit against Samsung for defamation.

After that, LG has also filed for lawsit against Samsung for violation of seven patents LG is holding rights of and wanted a sale stop for Samsung’s newest smartphones, like the Galaxy S3, The galaxy Note and the Galaxy Tab. Samsung has attempted to put down this lawsuit as Samsung stated that these seven patents are trivial and containing non-protectable ideas.

As both companies agreed to solve the patent fights without court in February, everyone thought, the OLED fight was over.

The recent search actions from inspectors however bring up many doubts that’ it’s actually so!

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