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Finishing maintenance of blog

Good day, fellas! Finally the maintenance is done. Several things have been
done, some with success, some have not been successful. Short summary is
that I optimized the database once more so that the blog will load fast with
less delay. The video implementation is still not working as intended.

So when watching videos on my blog, then better use a computer to do so as the mobile devices mostly will struggle to playback the videos properly. I am still searching for a suitable method to implement the videos properly and allow you watching these on almost every device available. I will try to work on this by time.

Next things to do is the update of the complete blog to the newest version which also includes the update of the database software behind.

Other things are as always cleanup of the blog (especially spam is araound again and loading the database with crap. Fortunately I have engaged several antispam tools that cope with most of the crap actually!)

But for now, you can again enjoy ma blog where you’ll find news every day. Even when the blog is on maintenance, no post is going lost. You’ll notice that upon the still-published posts even during maintenance. There’s nothing too unimportant not to being posted even when not reachable.

Keep in toouch!

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