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CES 2013 – The new trends from Samsung

While the CES is open for exhibition on January,8 to January,11 this year
manufacturers from all countries from the entertainment industry are
presenting their newest gadgets to the public. Samsung starts first and shows
it’s newest TV set. Looking like a painting easel, it seems to float in the room.

With a diagonal size of 110 inches (279cm) this Samsung 9 Series TV is setting a new size record. The display resolution is, what you call, up to code, as 4K TV is evolving fast in Asia.

So it’s not astounding that the display resolution is QuadFullHD and thus 3840×2160 pixels.

The easel-like framing not only holds the manel, also the speakers are integrated in the filigrane framework.

About the pricing there’s not yet information available but you can expect a 5-digit price tag whatsoever!

On the OLED side, there’s not much movement available. Until we will see bigscreen OLED TVs there will be passing some more time, although LG seems to present 50inch OLED TVs at the CES also. For now you can expect conventional TV sets to drop in price even at bigger sizes. While 60 inch TVs were extremely expensive at the beginning of the last year, first models have been spotted for a fair price below 2’000 USD. So the question is when people will upgrade their TV sets for a bigger screen as the prices are lowering.

Remembering my trip to Vienna with Rosiv in 2007 when we went into a Saturn store and saw a 80inch plasma TV which had a power consumption of a mere 2900 Watts(!) and a hefty price tag of “only” 89’999 euros for a 1280×720 resolution only, makes me think and reconsider: Why hurrying to own the newest gadgets when you can have them for a small fraction of the price some years later.

So it’s not astounding that I have set hands on a Samsung UE60ES6300 TV which is background-LED lit and also capable of 3D. Expect a small review of that big basterd ;) soon!

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