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Smartphone users should watch this!

So you think your private data stored on your smartphone is secure? No one
can get access to your phone anyways? You have an antitheft-system active?
Well good to know that you seem to have taken all precautions to stop others
to access your smartphone and it’s data. But did you know that’s not enough?

This video shows recent iPhones and Android iPhones to be accessed within minutes without big hassle! But what worries much more that the used tool is gaining access to ALL stored data of your cell phone. And even the so-called pattern-unlock of Android cell phones which has been considered almost unbeatable is being defeated in no time.

Although this tool is currently only available to forensic institutes (and probably CIA, NSA, FBI) for investigation on criminals, I doubt that the tool won’t also become available to criminals who then unlock stolen phones and reset them for their needs. So when you notice your smartphone missing it’s no longer 100% sure that the remote deletion and lockup of your smartphone is kicking in just right in time…

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