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Apple and Fake Apps

You probably have downloaded and installed Apps from AppStore if you have
an iDevice.You buy, download and install additional Apps to enhance the
function of your mobile assistant. However in the past months, more and more
fake Apps seem to flood Apple’s AppStore and pester it with non-working Apps.

But what allows non-working Apps to enter the AppStore despite the fact that Apple has such a high quality standard, and even worse, why are Apps not banned from the AppStore when Fraud is being reported?

Apple seems not to control the Apps in detail. In this case, the Google AppMarket seems better-organized. Apps cannot be pushed into Top10 ranking. It may sound like an immense data collection but Google collects the time, an App has been installed on a certain handset and more: It also keeps track on how often an App has been launched. Thus, an App can only reack Top10 there if many Users are actually using the App, using it often and rate it good. Automation Bots, that download the App, launch it a single time and rate it superb are hereby automatically bumped.

Apple should do the same thing as such Crap-Apps are not only frustrating customers, they also damage the good image of Apple. As Apple has also a very bad refund policy (where Google allows the return of an App when it has been considered not-working or not the right type of App for the User within 15 minutes after purchase) it really annoys AppStore users to have wasted their money on an App that doesn’t actually work or has less or none of the specified properties.

And Apple should also track Apps. They collect so much otherwise unnecessary information about a user and his iDevice, so they’d better use a similar system as Google does with Android and it’s AppMarket.

I had a similar issue myself already. I downloaded an App for my iPhone and thought, it’ll keep to it’s promises: The App was supposed recording voice memos in high quality (WAV @ 44.1kHz) – The App did record, okay, the format was “Wav” also but the sound was sorta garbled and damped (such as the other tested voice recording Apps did). Contacting Apple about this issue… nothing happened. I got charged 2 dollars and the App still kept in my AppStore repository. Okay, it ain’t much money but hey, let’s stick to the principles!

At Google’s AppMarket for an Android Tablet I purchased an App that was supposed to record Audio and save it into different formats. The App crashed always when saving files larger then 10 seconds and here and there you weren’t even able to record something. Returning the App within the 15 minutes gracetime period worked well, my credit card didn’t get charged for the faulty Application. That’s a good refund policy!

There are Thungs, Apple does quite well, but there are also things, that are really bad. So Apple better should take care of what angry customers say and stop censoring user ratings of Apps.

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