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Nokia about to release Windows 8 Tab?

Seems as if Nokia has great plans: As Windows Mobile 8 becomes a success
more and more on the new Lumia series, Nokia seems to have decided to
bring out a tablet with Windows 8 . However it’ll be hard competing against
Samsung and Apple who control 80% of the tablet market these days.

What makes it interesting is that this tablet would use Microsoft’s new OS. The choice of the user wouldincrease as he doesn’t have to only choose between Apple/iOS oder Android-based devices (auch as the Samsung tablets).

However it will be a long thirsty trail for Nokia to follow as the Apple iPad has evolved very well and the new version will dazzle the people once more (me included…btw.) – Also Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 will try to get the peoples’ attention offering a quadcore CPU and Android in it’s Ice cream sandwich flavour (Version 4).

Whatever the market will bring, I guess 2012’s christmas will be another spending spree for many people as many new gadgets will arrive for us to gather.

But back to the Nokia tablet: The tablet is said to have a fullHD display and it’s processor is a dualcore Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 SoC. Now one would say, dualcore SoC’s are no longer state-of-the-art as ARM has already quadcore SoC’s on the market that provide a lot of power already. However if you look at Apple’s new iPad, it still comes with a dualcore SoC and offers remarkable speeds. The first 200’000 units have already been put into production to see if they work out well. The Manufacturer is ComPal – unknown to me – but they may bring out an interestiong tablet anyways.

At least it’s good to see that the market isn’t alone to Apple and Android.

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