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Internet censoring ongoing

Free speech in the world is the highest good we have but it seems as if some
countries don’t see it the same way. Especially countries which regime seems
to be weak against criticism seem to block lots of content and criticizing sites.
China for example sets the highest level so far and it’s firewall filters a lot!

That makes it hard for people to develop an own opinion. Those who dare criticizing the chinese regime are either silenced by cutting their internet connection or even worse, put into custody. However most of the people there still seem to be comfortable with this situation as they’re not withstanding against their regime and demanding free speech to the world. But not only China is on the promimnent map of internet censoring.

This map shows that also Noth Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Syria, Irak and Ukraine are heavily censoring the internet to it’s people and blocing all criticizing content to get outside these countries.

Other countries that are colored red are subject to censor certain topics and also government-criticizing content.

Interesting fact: Although the USA are subject to listen to EVERYTHING on the web, they’re not yet subject to filter any content to their people and what’s outgoing. Although the fact that the current aggressive procedure against free development of some things and ACTA have become very difficult topcs for the US government lately.

Libya for example has been put off the hook as Gadhafi is no longer and thus forcing his regime to filter content of the internet. They seem to have liberalized again. However Egypt has been recently added for filtering some content now as the regime wants to fend off uproar against same. Spring 2011 was a historical event and have distorted the egypt regime a lot.

Depending on SOPA and ACTA it’s only a matter of time for this graphic to change a lot. But yet there are many countries who are strictly against such heavy censoring of the internet. Hopefully it will stay likewise.

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