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Maxis has striked again: New SimCity!

On the GDC 2012 EA and Maxis have shown a new version of SimCity. Simcity 4
is the newest version of the game since 2004, offering a sort-of-isometric view
and real 3D objects ingame. The game depth was really high but not higher than
in Simcity 3000 (published in 1998). I’m a big fan, who has played the original.

The original game was released in 1989, the very first Simcity for PC, and playable on a 286 at 8MHz on a monochrome Hercules monitor. The game fits on a floppy disk with 720KB. The Simcity 4 Deluxe edition (released 2003) comes on a DVD and using 8.2GB HDD space and needs a dualcore CPU at 2.6GHz. The graphics card should be at least meet the level of a 8800GT to run smooth!

The other versions in between (Societies and SimCity Creator for consoles) don’t count as such as their game depth is stripped down vastly compared to the original SimCity…

I developed a taste for the game and played it for hours on different platforms and in almost all flavors. Maxis, the origin of all Sim-Games with Will Wright as the father of SimCity have created a game that’s always behaving different each game session you play. That’s real cool and promises hors and hours of game time!

This is one of the best news from EA since long time and I am greatly looking forward to this game. It’s been 9 years since an overhaul has been announced and in 2013, when the game is expected to release, I’ll be one of the Sim-ianers to play the game and again spend hours in concepting the City of my dreams… with the new 3D look and the modern hardware, the in-game experience may become even stronger.

There are not much games I am looking forward to see… but this one is definitely worthwile waiting for.

To sweeten the waiting time, I’ve added some more pics for you:

Of course these are only concept art pictures but hey… if the game looks similar to this then it’s gonna rock as hell!

There isn’t much known of the gameplay yet but the trailer looks promising:

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2 Responses to this entry

  • Rosiv says:


    Hope, that Maxis are doing this for Mac, too!

    Great video!

    Posted on March 13th, 2012 at 07:43 Reply | Quote
  • Netspark says:

    I am sure they will do so. This game will probably be released via the Origin network. As MAC users are spreading more and more, it’ll be a lapsus not to spoil the Apple community with that game! And Has SimCity 4 also been released for MAC why shouldn’t they do so with SimCity 5?

    But I still wonder if Will Wright will add his knowledge to this game. However SimCity 5 will face big competition with Cities XL 2012 and probably the Anno series.

    Where SimCity Societies has failed big time and wasted the reputation of it, SimCity 5 has now big shoes to fill… hopefully they do good on the game and bring SimCity 5 the glory, Simcity 4 and SimCity 3000 once had…

    Posted on March 13th, 2012 at 14:21 Reply | Quote

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