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The weekend, strange trains and Munich

This weekend I am going to Munich again and also see a good friend of mine who celebrates
his 30th birthday. Odd to see some frosting in a train car that is heated up to felt 25°C. Due
to the lack of a stable cell network and the repeated non-working status of the local cell
networks I’ll upload the pictures later on. Funny to see the snow blowing into the coach.

Reason for that was an actually not fully-closing windowshield and the drive winds blowing in the churned snow. When we arrive at Munich, I bet, there will be a 10cm snow layer in the coach!

So well… hopefully, my iPhone will be able to fork out this article when it gets a working cell network in Munich.

If not, my Updates will come online as soon as I get back to Bern again!

Have a nice weekend!

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