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Bday party, new Nintendo 3DS, fun

Well, apparently it seems that my iPhone won’t connect to ANY form of network right now,
so my updates will be online on sunday/monday. Sorry for that inconvenience. But hey,
this blog won’t be dead because of this. So what’s coming around today? Well… despite the
fact that this ghastly coldness also is present in Munich, I took the chance to shop a bit.

Destination was an electronics shop where I could snatch a 1TB harddisk (USB3.0 of course!) for a fair price. While browsing the shop, I also stumbled over an offer for the actual Nintendo 3DS.

Being sceptic if the *D effect will really work, I took the chance to test one of the presentation devices and plaed it for a while. Being surprised that the 3D effect really works (without glasses of course!) it made me snatch one of the 3DS bundles aswell. Quite a pricey weekend but hey, you gotta spoil yourself once in a time to have something with you that makes you remember what you work for.

The evening will be nice I suppose as we are also going to play skittles. Being a bit more difficult to hit the 9 pins all at once, the game can be as challenging as Bowling. But hey, wouldn’t it be boring if you’d be able to shoot all pins with ease?

However don’t expect any updates on this blog until tomorrow evening as I’d take the chance to hit the hay till noon then and then slowly preparing for me return to Bern.

Have a nice weekend.

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