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Garfield gets a bigger stage!

You probably might have noticed it that the Garfield
comic strips underneath have become bigger. thus
probably not fitting onto the screen of false-scaling
mobile devices. But all in all a necessary step.

With high-resolution screens in most modern mobile devices nowadays it is no longer necessary to have these comic strips in Lo-Res displayed (600px width). Instead we’ve
scaled them up to 1280 width and tried to “re-master” the upscaled comic strips to look splendid on your mobile device as well as the ability to even read smaller text that often is visible on these.

So from now on the comic strip in the Footer will accordingly scale with devices that are capable of handling responsive website scaling properly. Tests with some Android and iOS devices have shown positive results.

However the Monthly Garfield Comic collections will be in the smaller resolution until 2020.

Maybe we’re going to replace the images earlier but our focus is primarily on the main content we’re publishing here.

All in all it’s a tribute to Jim Davis and his comic cat Garfield that keeps us entertained for over 41 years now!

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