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5G Available in Germany!

Germany is often known for being slow when it comes
to adapting new technologies. However 5G becomes
available rather quickly after Switzerland has already
started offering 5G in selected areas.

In Switzerland 5G was launched in April 2019 just few months after the frequency bands have been auctioned. In Germany the auction took way longer and ended in June 2019 but just now in September, the Deutsche Telekom AG launched their first 129 Transmission poles to cover Köln, Bonn, Darmstadt, Berlin and Munich. Leipzig and Hamburg are about to follow this year while the expansion of the first 5 city areas is ongoing.

So while the 5G network is launched, Telekom has also published the new monthly price plans. If you’re on the cheap side, you can use the MagentaMobil S price plan which allows you to use up to 6GB per month with 5G speed at a price of 39.95€, if you need more data, you can double it up with MagentaMobil M but then you are charged 49.95€. Need even more? Then MagentaMobil Lmight be your choice offering you 24GB data transfer at 5G speed. And if you fear that you hit even this limit, then you can have a flatrate (fair use policy though!) with magentaMobil XL but this’ll cost you a whopping 84.94€ per month.

So what about hitting the plan limit?

Well then it’s backto the stoneage for you as your speed will drop down to 64kbit/s for downloads and 16kbit/s for uploads. However even then the Telekom offers you so-called SpeedOn-passes where you can extend your data amount by 500, 1500 and 2500 MB for 7.95€, 14.95€ and 19.95€ accordingly. If you need only a temporary SpeedOn-pass, the S price plan also allows the booking of a 7-day 500MB package for 4.95€ while the other packages are valid for 31 days.

So now it’s time to bring on the 5G smartphones! 5G is on the run!

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