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Logitech Unifying Patch hacked!

It seems to be no good day for Logitech. While they have
released a patch for the Unifying receivers to be less sen-
sitive for hacking attempts, it seems as if the patch is useless
now. A security expert has found out the reason.

While the hacking attempt is delayed with the new patch (it takes 30 seconds now to interfere with the pairing process instead of only one second), the main problem is that the firmware of the Unifying receivers can easily be downgraded to an older firmware which does not have that delay implemented as the firmware updater does not check if the firmware to be installed is older than the existing one.

So all in all this security flaw is not yet fully closed and it’s a question of time for Logitech to react on this as well (tamper-proof Firmware installer).

But Logitech has to act as they’re about to loosing a lot of reputation. And as this is not only affecting the classic equipment but also the G-series devices, this might affect a lot more customers than expected!

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