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Apple Watch going for WristID?

It seems as if Apple plans the next-step authentication
method where user recognition is based upon skin
structure detection. Apple has filed the corresponding
patent yesterday. This could start a new UserID era!

The patent states that it would use a little sensor residing near the clutch which takes a snapshot of your wrist skin. Since the skin also contains unique structures with each individual, this form of user identification appears as reliable as TouchID or FaceID.

TouchID has been barely known for successful tampering attempts by hackers but became discontinued with the iPhone X and the newer iPad 2018 models. Since FaceID still is known for being extremely tamper-proof, as there are only 2 known attempts which were succesful. But both attempts were hard to achieve so one can say that for the common user FaceID is secure to use.

The question will be how secure will WristID be as it relies on a similar technology as TouchID does…

For all those who want to dig deeper in WristID, you’ll find the patent document here:

In case the upper link is down, you can read it here as well:


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