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Apple sued for 1 billion US$

Okay… is this another “company X sues Apple” post?
Umm… no! In this case Apple got sued by a New York
teen citized who allegedly got arrested for multiple theft
in Apple’s flagship stores in New York.

Apple, using facial recognition in it’s stores (most likely for crime prevention in other stores) allegedly sued 18-year-old Ousmane Bah for repeatedly stelaing goods from Apple stores in New York. When Bah got arrested at 4am on November 29th last year, the policemen have shown him pictures as a proof that did not match with Bah’s face at all. Yet Apple claimed that the evidence was given ald let Bah taken to custody.

The lawsuit has been filed today in Manhattan, especially as Apple claimed that he did a theft in Boston while he was on a senior prom night in Manhattan.

So this once again shows that crime prosecution solely based on digital technology just using digital image recognition isn’t has doubtless as we think. And if this scheme continues to be used, well, then good night, America!

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