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Apple goes 5G maybe in 2020

When it comes to LTE Advanced, so called 5G, Samsung
already has released their first smartphone to do so. 5G
is already launched in some countries already for usage.
But what phone should you buy now? Hard to say…

If you’re not in need to change your phone asap, then you should definitely go with 4G capable phones you already own. The iPhone XS for example does a fine job and brobably will do so for next couple years.

So why all the hype for 5G then?

Let’s call this a “public beta” that is now open to the public for testing even though it has not many phones to test with. But first tests have shown that the reachable speeds go up to 2 Gbps which is quite astounding. But these speeds only make sense if you have a flatrate, a real flatrate, that doesn’t scale down once you have reached a certain data amount.

Apple will start releasing 5G iPhones in 2020 according to various sources that claim to know about Apple’s 5G plans once they buried the cooperation with Intel and resumed to work with Qualcomm again.

Until all these requirements are all met and 5G becomes available to a wide range of people using it for everyday purpose, 5G still is not something you need to have just now. 4G will still serve you fine for the things you do today.

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