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Domain owner change gone wrong

Well, this is something you don’t see often in the news!
A student in Iowa is facing a 20-year jail penalty. But
what did he do? Did he murder someone? Nah, way
less spectacular. Just a forced domain change!

The student was not too amused about another colleagues registering a GoDaddy URL with his full name in the URL. But furthermore these colleagues have also posted a Meme showing him in an unsuitable manner (especially for job application!).

When his attempts to make GoDaddy sign over the URL to himself, he had the idea to let his already convicted and homeless cousin to take charge.

Although the cousin was wearing obfuscation, the student made a big mistake: He gave his cousin a handwritten note with the URL to seize.

Well it didn’t take long for the crime lab to figure out who was the originator of all this and they took the student into custody where he is now waiting for his trial.

What makes this all so severe is that the cousin used a gun to get it all settled and put the workers of GoDaddy to big risk for life.

In the worst case possible he will face a 20-year prison penalty combined with a huge monetary penalty.

This for sure has gone wrong… massively!

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