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AMDs EPYC processors

It seems as if the battle between Intel and AMD takes a new step.
Especially when it comes to features, AMD does everything right.
The EPYC however is a server processor or at least a workstation
processor aiming at those users which demand CPU power.

Up to 64 cores per processor and the scalability for 2 processors totaling for 128C/256T allow configurations that reach way beyond wildest imaginaions for customzable high-end machines (if one has the money for it!) but at least server machines for virtual servers.

But with recent details, it seems that even enormous bandwidth for PCIe Gen4 is coming alongside with the processor leaving room for compley extension card configurations. Such cards can include Graphics cards but also High-End NICs such as Intel’s 800 series. Even a whole bunch of drives connected to several SATA ports which temselves are connected via PCIe won’t run into any bottleneck here as there are enough lanes available to move a large set of data in no time!

The processor cores even allow the Sub-assignment of single PCIe-Lanes in order to connect them to the I/O subsystem of the EPYC processor. This allows board designs which can handle a lot of external peripherals that only need one PCIe lane in total to transfer data. Imagine a mainboard that has 32 USB-C host chips on it. Of course this is just some imaginary stuff but it would be possible!

Even the inter-exchange between the two CPU sockets is built with 48 PCIe-Lanes which is more than most Intel boards today can deliver!

The question is, how far will AMD go and set payload on all those lanes. By now this is all speculative but AMD sets a new era in processor and board design and makes possible what wasn’t before due to certain limitations.

So where people once said “AMD is dead”, we just say: “Long live AMD!

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