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iPhone 11 new concept video

Hardly any other brand has such interest when it comes
to future releases of devices. Apple’s iPhone has a wide
fan community who give suggestions on how the
upcoming generation of the iPhone might look alike.

This video shows a new well-known form of the iPhone 5S and the desig taken from the actual models.

Maybe this combination could lead to an awesome device:

With the iPhone 5S, apple had brought out it’s last barren design and introduced the round design with the iPhone 6.

Not everyone was happy with this change as the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S as well as the SE had their charme for some years.

Although we have accepted and sort of love the round frame design, a change in the line could give apple some fresh winds in their design line.

The Apple Watch sSeries 4 has introduced sort of more radial corners thus giving the watch a sleeker design. But that isn’t necessarily fitting on the iPhone as well.

You need to carefully seek for the sweet spot when it comes to design changes and we believe, the albeit dusty design of the iPhone 4 might bring back memories and make the modern devices more appealing to exising and new customers.

But watch the concept video for yourself and decide whether this design concept is great or not…

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