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Assange arrested in London!

Just a few minutes ago, Assange got arrested in the
ecuadorian embassy. It seems as if Assange was not
arrested during a voluntary situation. Assange was
torn out of the embassy from the local police.

Rumors have been spread that Assange and his asylum-waranting country Ecuador had a tense relationship lately. The publication of doubtful material against Lenin Moreno was one of the last strings that have torn.

According to a tweet of Wikileaks, the ecuadorian embassy personnel have invited the british Metropolitan Police to have Assange arrested which then occured immediately.

The arrest is due to an arrest call in 2012 where Assange denied to show up. Since then Assange sought for shelter in the ecuadorian embassy.

It is unclear what will happen next, but one thing is for sure: This is not going to end well for Assange!

Footage material from Russia Today:

Video footage from RUPTLY:

Update April 11th, 13:34:

Sweden is considering resuming the process against Assange according to the rape accusation that has been filed against him.

It is unsure if Assange then gets deported to Sweden. One of Assange’s  fears was that Sweden could hand him over to the USA where he is said to face death sentence.

Update April 11th, 13:40:

Now the truth crystalizes out: The USA have filed an extradition request in London. This means that Assange could be handed over to U.S. Federal agents.

The question is if Sweden first will sentence him for the rape accusation first or if he’s directly put to custody by U.S. Federal agents.

Update April 11th, 15:31:

The lawyer of one of the women where Assange is said to be the raper, already announced to re-open the case in order to have Assange sued in Sweden as well.

Update April 11th, 15:31:

The USA are accusing Assange of conspiracy against U.S. government together with Chelsea Manning. It is not unlikely that Assange still may face death sentence. However he will face a very long imprisonment.

Update April 11th, 15:43:

The U.S. department of law and justice has stated that Assange will face a 5-year-imprisonment for hacing into governmental IT structures and gathering confidential data without permission.

Update April 11th, 16:21:

Assange found guilty for violating bail conditions! He is likely to face up to 12 months imprisonment!

Update April 12th, 12:21:

Assange was evicted from the premises as rumors spread he spread feces around his room!

Update April 12th, 14:05:

Assange could face another lawsuit in Sweden, re-opening the rape case of 2 women!


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