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Huawei’s CFO trusting Apple only

When Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Canada
accused for industrial spionage her personal
goods were also seized for forensic investigation.
Interesting that she uses an Apple iPhone…

One might have expected that she would use an actual phone of her employer, namely Huawei but nope, she is using an Apple iPhone. So the question is: Are Huawei products definietely not trustable as being stated by the U.S. government that forbids usage of Huawei equipment in their network environment?

No one knows for sure. Maybe she just thinks that the Apple iPhone is way more secure than the Huawei/Android devices and thus not trusting her employer’s devices at all. However this leaves a bitter taste considering buying a Huawei phone. If the CFO decides not to use Huawei phones because of security-related doubts, then why should people in general trust Huawei products.

If this reveal might mean consequences to the CFO in general, is not yet known but one thing is for sure… it won’t raise the trust level in Huawei products at all…

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