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Facebook again insecure

If the situation wouldn’t be grim for facebook
already, there’s a new scandal hitting Mark
Zuckerberg’s social media empire. It seems as if
there was again ma massive security hole detected.

Not less than a hundred million (!) account data combinations have been leaked to everyone inside facebook revealing passwords and e-mail addresses to everyone who has access to the storage systems this sensitive data was stored on. Unbelievable that the passwords haven’t been encrypted at all! Not only is this a severe security breach but also a massive loss in security credibility for Facebook being unable to store sensitive data properly.

And we don’t speak of just a couple datasets, no we speak of a massive database!

It’s questionable if facebook ever learns from his faults in the past to handle sensitive data properly and to be honest, we wouldn’t trust them any mile further anymore. None of our team are using passwords that could by far reveal a scheme to other services using passwords but also the antitrust against facebook is the way how privacy is handled by facebook in general. There were so many times where facebook made us believe that private things are kept private and all of a sudden some intelligentz programmers found a severe data structure insecurity within facebook’s API to reveal even protected data from anybody being registered with facebook.

The trust in facebook and their recently acquired services (Instagram, WhatsApp) has massively decayed and there’s no sign of this going back, Many users already sought for alternatives and foud them meaning that the ever-so-popular services like WhatsApp tend to loose more and more users which also mean less “customers” consuming inline services like ads or other cash-generating services.

When it comes to properly storing sensitive data, facebook has to do their homework. They still make mistakes even the smallest companies with the least budget aren’t making. Data security is something facebook should be able to pay for with the massive amount of money they have in their account. If they don’t put data security at the highest level by now then the trust of even the most loyal users will vanish and facebook will be faced with a huge user loss in the next years rendering facebook way less valuabe than it is rated today!

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