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Photorealism in 3D Graphics

3D with photorealsim was always a dream of the computer
industry since the very beginning of 3D graphics rendering.
The main problem however was that real-time rendering of
3D scenes was complex and computers didn’t have the power.

But nowadays it seems as if the CPUs and GPUs got mature and are able to render such comlex graphics scenes at high resolutions without any bigger flaws.

The following 2 videos show what is now possible with NVidia’s RTX graphics cards for example. So the question is: If we are here now, how long will it take until we can’t safely tell fiction from reality? These tech demos have been made for the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco that is taking place these days (March 18th to March 22nd).

But watch these two videos and become stunned of their graphic quality!

Quixel made it’s contribution using Unreal Engine 4 with Raytracing. Wow!


Another group made use of the Unity engine to render the folowing scene! Stunning!

So with the two examples above you can already see how far we’ve got with the processing power of today’s hardware. It’s just a matter of time until games become so photorealistic so that we immerse into an artificial world yet thinking it’s real. The next challenge will be 8K rendering which demands a lot from the GPUs. All the above scenes however are rendered at 4K already meaning that a giant leap in resolution and quality has already been made!

The Game Developers Conference is taking place in San Francisco from March 18th to March 22nd

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