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Summer’s a-coming!

So the 1st quarter of the year is already over and the time
change has been late this year as well. Usually taking place
around the 25th of March, the clocks are set one hour for-
ward again. But maybe soon for he last time.

The european parliament has decided to drop the mandatory timeshifting which takes place in March and October where the clock is set one hour forward or backward according to the season that is initiated.

The wintertime is the normal time but in the 1970’s the decision was made to introduce summer time to make days longer and thus tricking people into switching on lights later.

That has been used for the past 40 years but the results are sobering. The power saving result is way behind the expectations.

Since timeshifting is a nuisance every year (although radio-controlled clocks do adust themselves just right in time!) it has been a problem in the past. Missed trains/flights because of incorrectly set clocks. the effort to set public clocks… all this is causing more costs than the benefit is gaining.

So maybe in 2020 we will set our clocks one last time until we either go for permanent winter- or summer-time setting. A thing, the european member countries have to discuss by now.

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