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Amazon drops HQ plans in NY

No good times for the mayor of New York. Despite the
generous 3 billion US$ tax reduction Amazon has now
dropped the plans to build a campus in Queens. The
site would have offered 25.000 to 40.000 jobs.

However there were some finereads in that “contract” between NY and Amazon.

The maximum tax reduction would have only been reached if Amazon would have built the site completel and with the warranty that the average yearly salary per employee is at 150.000 US$.

Obviously too much for Amazon as it would have meant expenses of 3.75 billion dollars per year.

But also a tech campus and a school for 600 pupils and a yearly donation of $5 million US$ to local job-support funding was on the roll of tasks.

A campus in Arlington is still in progress making room for 25.000 employees there.

With Amazon pulling themselves from that deal in New York, there was also a very harsh tweet from Elizabeth Warren, complaining about the fact that companies can demand for enormous financial bribes just to be lured for tax payments afterwards:

Also the mayor in New York is now really annoyed that Amazon just cancelled all plans for an HQ in NY and thus “robbing” the zone of billions of tax dollars.

With the money proposed for the bribing, the local administrative from the Representants close to the planned HQ site said that the money saved now could be better invested for new teacher hirings, reparations to the subway systems and provide jobs for a lot of people.

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