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Seagate aims for 24TB

Seagate just released an information about upcoming
but already aims for higher capacities according
to several sources. Not only is the capacity increased but also
the read and write speeds are increased using 2 actuator units.

This might allow HDD units that can hold a massive amount of data while transfer speeds can be raised up to 500 MB/s which would mean that HDDs may reach speeds like their SATA-3-attached SSD pendants.

Instead of using aluminum platters, specially-coated and tampered glass platters are used and the two actuators use HAMR (heat-assisted magnetic recording) to write data to the layers. This would also make SMR and PMR (Shingled magnetic recording / Perpendicular magnetic recording) obsolete.

Seagate is about to manufacture first prototypes in 2019 but it’s yet unclear when these will be available to the customers.

The highest available capacity is 16TB to date and priced at 600 US$. So when the 24TB disks are released, you can expect prices at the 1000 US$ line which makes them more interesting to large datacenters than to normal home users / SOHO users.

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