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NVidia and their market still struggle

No good times for NVidia even with the fastest graphics cards
in their portfolio. NVidia has announced a 2.12 billion US$
revenue for Q4 2018 (which ended on Jan, 27 2019). This is a
setback of 24 pewrcent compared to Q4 2017.

But while the 24% of the YtY comparision looks already grimm, the QtQ comparision is much more devastating. The revenue in Q3, 2018 was 3.18 billion US$ and thus 31% more than in Q4 2018. This is a massive setback as the Q4 2018 also reflects the christmas shopping time. So it seems as if NVidia wasn’t able to profit from the christmas sales at all.

Despite that, NVidia has achieved some milestones which should help them to get back on track:

Latest Highlights
Since the end of the third quarter, NVIDIA has achieved progress in these areas:


  • Announced that the NVIDIA® T4 GPU launched in public beta on Google Cloud Platform, with availability in the U.S., Europe, Brazil, India, Japan, and Singapore.

  • Set six records in AI performance with the release of MLPerf, the industry’s first objective set of AI benchmarks.
  • Announced with Google the integration of NVIDIA’s RAPIDS™ GPU-accelerated data science libraries with Kubeflow Pipelines, a Kubernetes-based platform for deploying and managing machine learning workloads in hyperscale datacenters.


  • Launched the GeForce RTX™ 2060 GPU, putting exceptional performance and graphics enhanced by ray tracing and AI within reach of tens of millions of gamers.

  • Unveiled a record 40+ new gaming laptops in over 100 configurations powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs.
  • Expanded its G-SYNC™ ecosystem with G-SYNC-compatible monitors, tested and driver-optimized by NVIDIA.
  • Announced that Battlefield V, the first real-time ray tracing game, will add DLSS AI super-sampling technology; that the highly anticipated game Anthem will integrate DLSS; and that Justice, one of China’s most popular MMO games, will add ray tracing and DLSS.

Professional Visualization

  • Introduced Quadro RTX™ 4000, bringing real-time ray tracing to millions of midrange workstation users.

  • Announced the NVIDIA CUDA®-accelerated REDCODE RAW decode SDK, in collaboration with RED Digital Cinema, enabling developers and studios to edit 8K video in real time without the need for additional video processors.


  • Introduced NVIDIA DRIVE™ AutoPilot, the world’s first commercially available Level 2+ automated driving system, with Tier 1 suppliers Continental and ZF announcing the availability of Level 2+ solutions based on NVIDIA DRIVE in 2020.
  • Announced with Mercedes-Benz that it will create a centralized computing architecture for the automaker’s next-generation vehicles, enabling them to be software-defined AI cars.

Edge Computing

  • Launched the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier™, a palm-sized module delivering 32 TOPS to help build the next generation of autonomous machines.

  • Opened its AI and Robotics Research Lab in Seattle.

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