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Airbus cancelling A380!

Tough times for Airbus! It seems the interest of the must luxorious
large airplane has fallen since Emirates has reduced their number
of orders from 162 to 123 planes of this type. A significant reason
for Airbus to cancel the production of the A380, the biggest airplane!

A sad day for all those who admire the A380! Airbus has announced to cancel the production of the A380 and terminate delivery until 2021 when Emirates is receiving the last charge of A380 they ordered.

Airbus has confirmed their decision with stagnating interest of this airplane type. When the A380 has been planned in 1996, the demand for biggfer planes to serve the worldhubs of airports was given. But nowadays, airlines tend to serve certain routes with smaller airplane types twice a day as it is more easy to fill the smaller planes than to fill the large A380

So after just 20 years from evolution to operation, the A380 is at it’s end of life and did not reach a legendary status like the B747 Jumbo Jet which has been put into Service in 1969 and is still in production (50 years!). In January 2019 the order list for the B747 was still holding 24 machines, More than the A380 is currently holding.

When the last batch of machines is delivered to Emirates and AiA (total 23 Machines), the production of the A380 will finally terminate and an era will end.

Farewell A380 – you have been a great plane and been the proof that large can be economic as well!

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