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Samsung announces 3T2 20MP image sensor

Samsung is quite active when it comes to releases of new hardware.
Just with the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, they
also announce the Isocell Slim 3T2 20MP image sensor that could lift
the image quality of smartphones to a new level.

The Isocell Slim 3T2 is a new image sensor that allows usage in even the slimmest smartphones with notch or hole in the display.

It’s 5.8mm diametral sensor has a pixel aperture of 0.8μm can capture images at 20MP. It’s extremely slim build factor allows the usage in the yet so slim phones known so far.

With it’s pixel-binning technology it is also capable of producing high-quality images at lower resolutions by combining the 4 adjacent pixels to the pixel recorded and improving the anti-grain algorithm.

This would allow taking 5MP shots at a tremendous good quality as the sensor will benefit from that mass of sensors in order to calculate the final image.

Since the form factor of the whole sensor is so small, it might also come in handy as a chip for the front cameras and allowing the capture of amazing selfies. The selfie cameras in today’s smartphones still lack quality as the sensors are rather low-quality. There’s only a handful of camera sensors for front cameras that allow better quality images to date. the highest resolution is 12MP and can be found in the Huawei Mate P20 Pro.

Samsung will start mass production of the image sensor in Q1 2019.

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