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Chrome vs. Ad blockers!

We all know these tiny or big banners or, even worse,
big video overlays when browsing a website. Annoying
and distracting from the content, the ad is mostly even
not removable. Ad blockers were the answer.

The installation of an add-on into our favouite browser and gone they are. No more annoying ads distracting from what we’re reading online.

what makes website owners hate you has also brought Google on track and they’re going to ban ad-block addons from Google Chrome. Their argument is that ad-block plugins might be unsafe and thus can no longer be allowed as a standalone plugin and also Google Chrome has an integrated ad-blocker already.

If there wasn’t the trap door with whitelisted ads (by which those ads are meant that Google has considered safe and non-distracting). However there are several options for ad-publishers to become whitelisted by Google. It’s finally a question of money you’re willing to take into hands in order to have your ads published.

Of course Google wants to control, which ad is when delivered to the customer, is Google not earning small amounts with their ad network.

So if a user installs an own ad-blocker into Chrome and configuring it to filter EVERY ads, this would also affect Google’s revenues significantly.

Of course it’s natural, that Google then wants to take steps to avoid these revenue losses as Google Chrome is a widely-used browser. The logical consequence is to fend off what ails you. In this case it’s third-party ad-blocker plugins.

But with this step they’re driving lots of users back to browser alternatives like Opera or Firefox because users want to control when and where ads are displayed as well as the fact that some websites make ad displaying mandatory prior to revealing the full content (let’s call it a soft pay-wall).

So if Google reserves the right to control ad-distribution in Chrome, users will control their freedom by switing to a browser alternative.

Let’s see if Google’s plans will also affect the Chromium browser engine that is nested within a various number of 3rd-party browsers.

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