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New iPhone XI design leaked?

The iPhone XS series is just out for 3 months, but still there are
already rumors about the upcoming generation of the iPhone.
First leaks have shown a triple-Camera in a caret design with
the soft slope like the iPhone 7/8. But now there’s a new type.

The first leaks were looking like this:

It rather looks like a clunky bump on the back of the iPhone.

But now it seems as if the prediction designers have spotted another way for placing the triplex camera. Namely centered and the main camera module is surrounded by a flash circle.

To us the new concept looks way more appealing than the hefty buckle on the left side. Especially the clever placement of the flash is interesting.

The concept of the flash ring is not new. Professional photographers have a big version of the flash ring around their lenses in order to produce equally-lit macro photos.

It seems as if Apple is trying to reproduce exactly the same just miniaturized and the concept rendering is showing that clearly¨. The only problem is if the ring will emit enough light to have a good lighting. Tests will show that in the future but the concept is indeed interesting and the centered camera is a step in the right direction!

What are your thoughts about thiese concept renderings?

Which design would you prefer?

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