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Apple bites back!

Well, the fight isn’t fought yet. While Qualcomm is
probably celebrating it’s win in the first step against
Apple, Apple itself has today announced to file an
appeal against the verdict that has been issued.

Qualcomm has placed two security deposits for each lawsuit it claims against Apple. That means they had to deposit 668.4 million US$ two times. Quite some money and in case that Apple will finally win the lawsuit, this might be a harsh loss for Qualcomm. this 1.36 billion US$ deposit is not less than one fifth of the annual profit of Qualcomm.

If shareholders will see any sign that Qualcomm will lose this lawsuit then they will probably sell their shares instantly which could mean a huge loss for Qualcomm in general and bad forecast for the 1st fiscal quarter in 2019.

So let’s see how this fight might end.

Ther will be only losers in this game. Be it Apple or Qualcomm!

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