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AAPL hits rockbottom!

We can’t exactly say what has happened. But it seems
as if Apple Stock shares have had a real bad impact.
Dropping from 157.18 down to 142.13 is really baffling!
What could have caused that massive drop?

Maybe the fact that Qualcomm has successfully placed the iPhone 7,8 and X sale ban in Germany? We don’t know but one thing is for sure: Apple has lost a lot of money with this huge drop:

This is what the chart looks like:

Holy crap! 15 dollars down instantly that means a total loss of 30 billion US$ in just under a minute!

Although Wall Street in general had a bad day today, it seems that Apple has been struck the hardest today.

With this stock development today, Apple dropped below Microsoft and Google Alphabet!

One can only hope that this is just a temporary situation and that Apple’s shares will recover from this dip soon!

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