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Titan RTX Benchmarks!

If you ever wondered what a 2700 Euros expensive
Titan RTX would perform against a 1200 Euros
Geforce RTX 2080Ti then the following images might
give you a clue. A PC enthusiast got one of them!

And while at it, he made some benchmarks with the Titan RTX and the 2080Ti. The results aren’t much surprising as other news portals have already done some calcualations on what to expect from the Titan RTX.

These are the Benchmark results:

So is this card worth the doubled price? I guess not! Okay, that puppy comes with 24GB of graphics memory AND it can be paired with another Titan RTX to even take this any further but then we would have to chip in over 5000 Euros, right?

That’s just crazy and there aren’t a lot of people who can afford such expensive graphics cards at all.

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