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USA in shutdown again!

It is again hard times for the POTUS. We have seen a
governmental shutdown in the past and in 2018 es-
pecially on christmas it is happening again. So people
trying to use governmental services must be patient!

The shutdown will be taking place till thursday and hopefully then it will be lifted so that life in the USA will resume back to normal.

The main issue for the shutdown is that Trump won’t sign a budget law that does not contain money for his border wall project between USA and Mexico.

For this project Trump wants to see 5 billion US$ in order to build the wall that is supposed to stop illegal immigrants from Mexico.

As long as this budget law isn’t signed, it means (partial) shutdown of governmental services as no new money is flowing without the budget law being signed.

The US Capitol is seen ahead of a possible government shutdown, in Washington, DC, December 21, 2018. – The US House of Representatives adjourned on December 21 without Congress passing a spending deal, assuring a partial government shutdown at midnight as President Donald Trump and lawmakers remain at odds over border wall funding. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP)

Although it is christmas and the shutdown of governmental services won’t touch a lot of people, it is still annoying and could bring Trump into trouble.

So all eyes are now on the POTUS on December 27th and his decision on the budget law. If Trump refuses to find a solution for that, then governmental structures might be closed even for a longer time period and employees of the government will have to work for free within this time. Something noone does with happiness!

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