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Samsung’s new flagship S10+ leaked

Samsung wants to take the crown back for the best
smartphone. The S10+ seems to be the perfect tool
to do so. While Dual-Cameras are state of the art for
now, Samsung features at least 6 cameras in the S10+!

But do more cameras automatically mean better pictures?

The size of the S10+ will be 6.4″ which is quite a lot. With the Infinity-O-Display, Samsungs packs a dual-camera for Selfies and a 4-lens-system at the backside of the phone.

How the camera systems are supposed to work, is not yet clarified.

For what other phone designers had in mind with Multilens systems, it might be that the front camera will offer a bokeh mode even for selfies, using a wide-zoom lens and a normalzoom lens.

The back camera system might use 2 cameras for creating Bokey, while the other two lenses might be black&White and assisting for exellent HDR photos.

Tests of DXOMark will later show how the camera system will perform when Samsung is releasing the phone to the public. As for now, the Huawei P20 Pro holds the record with a score of 109 points. Will Samsung take that hurdle with so many cameras built in?

And the most important question: How much will this beast cost compared to the actual iPhone XS Max?

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