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Spectre: New version discovered!

Spectre strikes again! It seems as if Intel has no time to
rest. Has Spectre V1 been digested halfway, there’s some
new competitor hitting the floor: SplitSpectre! While the
decessor requires time-critical timing for attacks, the new…

…variant of Spectre appears to be more relaxing for attackers. With an Exploitation Gadget that SplitSpectre is dividing into 2 parts, allowing to infltrate the host system with more own code and thus reducing the necessity of existing vulnerable code on the host.

With the built-in Firefox JS-Engine (SpiderMonkey 52.7.4) it was able for the investigators to read 10 consecutive characters using 100 attacks. And in 10 percent of all attacks they were successful gathering all 10 characters.

So this might be another leak on how to snatch passwords and secret data.

Intel will have to find a way again on how to stop this fiasco and the most worrying question will be: Wo is affected and who will possibly get patches? With the vast number of different processors and chipsets from Intel, this is indeed a legitimate question.

I guess we have to wait for an official statement from Intel here.

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