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14nm, 10nm, 7nm… What’s up, doc?

When we wrote about AMD releasing it’s EPYC Rome Multicore
processor for High-End servers, it is also known that AMD will fab
them at 7nm. What about Intel? There are rumors that a new 10C
processor for mobiles will hit the stores (Comet Lake).

But for those thinking that Intel will fab them at 10nm or even 7nm, WRONG! These will most likely also be fabbed at 14nm as the yields for 10nm or 7nm respectively aren’t high enough to allow production for mainstream. Interesting though that the Core i3-8121U is the ONLY Cannon Lake processor being fabbed at 10nm!

So there are two things now: Intel is not only behind AMD according to the fabbing process… they’re also behind AMD when it comes to Performance score per US$.

Yet Intel still leads the market far ahead from AMD. What’s their secret weapon why AMD can’t set foot on the market properly even though they produce faster processors for the same price? AMD however made the earth shake when Ryzen hit the stores showing Intel that High-End performance on the CPU market doesn’t have to be tremendously expensive. And with the EPYC Rome server processors AMD once again is attacking Intel on the server market.

It’s time for a change of the global leaders. maybe Intel has had a too long time wthout competition that nothing “Wow” came from them. It’s the same with NVidia and their recently published RTX graphics cards. While Raytracing is a new nic feature (yes!), the overall 3D performance is still not increased vastly over the former GTX 10XX graphics cards yet the RTX cards have way higher prices. And to be honest: The cryptomining sector is not looking well at the moment where Bitcoin for examble has declined for 80% of it’s value compared to the beginning of 2018. So NVidia can’t count on these guys who get the newest cards for cryptocurrency mining either.

How will AMD respond to the RTX cards. Are we seeing something similar from AMD in the near future? Who knows…

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